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In Addition To Gambling, Casinos Can Do? See Macau Galaxy Entertainment Phase II How To Play

Macao's investment of more than 43 billion Hong Kong dollars (7.7970-0.0200-0.26%) project has finally come!

Behemoth is one of Macao's Galaxy Entertainment Group earlier announced that it would increase investment in tourism real estate, this year launched the "Galaxy II", and "Macao Broadway" project, invested more than $ 43 billion. Director Ye Yanmin Galaxy Entertainment Group said the group plans to invest at least 100 billion Hong Kong dollars in Macao to develop tourism real estate project.

This week, the preparatory years of second phase of Galaxy finally opened. Spicy, slipped sharply in Macao's gaming industry from the State, Galactic phase II was to "gamble"? and what's the difference? 43 billion yuan spent on what, to create a kind of a Galactic Empire? let reporters talk to show you pictures of 21st century business review, immersive experience of visiting.

Opening of the second phase of Galaxy, first of all, to look at the big casinos operations. New project of four lounges, three intermediaries (commonly known as the stack code) trading, another proprietary lounge, the main market for high-end midfield. The new project with a total of 150 gaming tables, lounge and games in midfield, 25% per cent and 75% per cent respectively.

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