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Close To Mao Zedong And Jiang Qing By Civic Means Guard Lost The Poker Sapo.

Revolution in 1937, Jiang Qing had to Holy Land Yenan, organization does not make a serious review, was in charge of defending the social Minister, Kang sheng's fellow and she tried to cover up this history in Shanghai and her decadent life style. Because of historical reasons and the shield, so she was exceptionally close relationship with Kang sheng.

Jiang Qing by acting quickly and asking questions for advice, mixing until just his wife running around Mao Zedong, and made a good impression.

Though the pursuit of progress like this one, but there are extremely poor unconscious figure, into Mao Zedong's side and in the autumn of 1938 and became Lady, is a historic tragedy.

She saw the actress, married a few years after Mao Zedong in terms of recreational activities does provide some fun. Appeared in the late 90 's recorded memoirs of Zhang Wen-Tian's wife Liu Ying, she returned to Yanan in 1940 from the Soviet Union, when he went to Mao Ze-Dong's, found that the President of the newly married Lady very well cared for, with a strong personality He Zizhen different, and also praised a few words. Very pleased after Mao Zedong took the thighs said: "Comrade Liu Ying, who you really understand me, you have to much publicity for me! ”

Mao Zedong said "publicity" is many new Veterans talk about the matter of Yanan, Liu Ying hope can make some explanation. According to Defender Li Yinqiao memories, wars in hard poor environment, she did with her literary expertise to Mao Zedong and around some of the common soldier in spirit of rest and relaxation. When in 1947 moved to shanbei, we tired or squat, or stand or sit on a small stool wall, listening to a Peking opera singing or several puzzle, it is with great enjoyment.

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