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Thousands of playing cards shuffling method


Everyone likes to play cards, but how do you wash the game? is it the acme of perfection to be? wants to play poker very well, so well must first wash shuffle shuffle can be divided into two kinds, is the overhand shuffle and cut.

(1): the overhand shuffle

Right thumb and two of the other four fingers jammed, on the left hand thumb on the right hand of cards, four under the card, probably in the one-third position.

Hands separated on both sides, left hook for the natural falls in that part of the Pai Gow hand heart. Repeat the same action.

Eventually all the remaining cards into his right hand on the left, which completed the full process of overhand shuffle.

(2): single flop

Folded cards are placed on the desktop, uniform strip show, again with his left hand to lift up the hand, index finger against the push to the right, the whole deck of cards a a turn to the right on all turned to face.

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