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Poker tips


1th, swing cut method first right hand poker, what cards can be Oh, password, Poker, free poker line, above the thumb and the middle finger the ring finger to the right, on the right side of the upper and lower ends of seized poker in poker. Index finger extended, hold down the top left up Poker, which requires thumb and cooperating, poker to lift and rotate the upper part a certain angle, the angle control roughly how many. Left hand stretched out, with Tiger's grip was raised on the upper left corner of the poker, with clip Poker, and poker right hand to the top, so that you can complete the cut motion.

2nd species, and oriented desktop of cut brand method put Poker a stack a stack from hands cut to desktop, here need note of a details problem is each cut brand of when, right hand took with a stack brand put to desktop of when, left while wrist down rotating 90 degrees, such do will has two a benefits Oh, a is way right hand to desktop put brand of path, makes cut brand of action looks clean neatly, no does of dragging its feet. Second is so you can do some special control actions, such as desktop-oriented cut control top card. The technique is relatively less complex.

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