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Poker cheating tips


Folding takes

Want any cards, as long as there is a tiny edge, you can take him out, if you want to know which card is not one of your own, you need to own, assigned to others is a bad card on to others.

Folding folding

Cluttered card table to calculate those who should go, collect appears to be held back when, in fact, have all the cards to the editor a sequence.

Folding shuffle

Is splashed in front of people shuffle, but didn't move. no wash. but way clever, not found, also called wash.

Folding stolen card

Saw the card, card from in front of the audience all the stolen is stolen with the Palm or finger to play. elastic point of diversity can play in the sleeves, or you can play among the cards he has made good.

Folded card

: For licensing a wide variety of forms, you can change a card, you can also change many, can also be changed when all the poker face different as I edit the card.

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