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Folding remove restore methods


This technique and name Pass, technique main role Yu anti-cut brand processing, General regardless of play what way of Poker entertainment, usually are has in wash good brand Hou by others cut brand of rules, but players often fear do of bridge others cut not in place, and do of brand on sent not to, so players on using skillful of restore PASS technique, will cut had of brand again restore, and achieved cut brand has also is equal to didn't cut as of effect, last do of big still exists. This desktop restore and restore hands grip with one hand.

Only restore the others after the cut, will this one quick one-hand picked Poker licensing has been on the table, hand grip is in after others cut, players cut with two piles of cards in hand-holding moment of handover, has actually made a blindfold game action. Similar cards have been restored, no cut in front. Such an approach should not be used.

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